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Apply Placements

Although often simpler than allocating student placements, “apply” placements still require checks to be undertaken prior, during and after placement such as Health and Safety audits and student well-being reviews. Employers also require access to an intuitive secure portal to manage their placement activity. 

The PEMS (Placement Education Management System) Opportunities module is an industry standard plugin which integrates with other careers and internship management systems. It therefore enhances an existing solution’s offering, avoiding the need for HEIs to replace existing systems entirely.

How it works

1. Search and Apply

Employers post jobs, graduate opportunities and internships, and students apply for placements, using the existing University careers site.

Where students are unable to find a placement, PEMS contains a useful Placement Preferences Form which allows students to login to PEMS using their University credentials to specify their interests and any issues affecting their placement.

Administrators can use this information to match the student to suitable placements, and to analyse trends in requirements over time.

2. Pre-Placement checks

Once a student has been accepted to a role, Administrators manage employer contacts and monitor the completion of pre-placement checks such as health and safety audits and placement agreements using PEMS.

Employers are alerted to actions automatically via email and can complete paperwork online using the dedicated PEMS Provider portal.

Dashboard alerts warn Administrators where pre-placement checks have been completed or remain outstanding, flagging them for review.

3. In-Placement Monitoring

PEMS’ innovative Contact Schedule feature takes care of all in-placement “check-ins” with students and employers using automated emails and reminders.

Students and Employers access placement information and can provide feedback on the placement using their PEMS portal.

The PEMS dashboard alerts Administrators to feedback, and where a contact has failed to respond, and allows them to raise, assign and notify users of outstanding action plans where issues are identified.

4. Evaluation and reporting

Once the placement or internship has finished, PEMS pushes the placement record back into the careers system or other central database to be gathered with other cross-faculty placement data for management information and regulatory reporting.

Evaluation forms are automatically triggered to both student and employer to gather 360° feedback on their placement experience. Charts and graphs are available to support analysis. All data is exportable into reports in xlxs, csv, xml and PDF.

The PEMS Opportunities module allows administrators to focus on identifying placement opportunities or new providers and supporting students rather than focusing their time on administrative activities.

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  • PEMS is a secure, reliable system which manages all placement process

  • Automated student and provider pre-placement checks support regulatory reporting

  • Review and report on all data in the system

  • Users may only access data specific to their role


  • Students, HEIs and placement providers access their own dedicated portals
  • Messages and alerts are sent out automatically
  • Student and provider feedback is captured and reported upon
  • All placement organisations and contacts are held in on place


  • Integrates with existing internal and external systems via a secure API
  • Available to use on mobile devices
  • Single-sign on integration means no new passwords to remember
  • PEMS is branded to fit your institution’s style, terminology and processes

What Our Customers Say

With staffing costs on the rise and increasing student commissioned numbers, against a backdrop of increasing complexity of placement quality and capacity in health and social care service provision -not to mention the cost of any potential litigation due to poorly-recorded compliance- PEMS made obvious financial sense.

Netta Lloyd-Jones – Head of Practice Education,
Facility of Health and Life Sciences, Oxford Brookes University

PEMS has made life for ourselves and our external partners easier and clearer. The way of sharing and recording information that is specific to our needs has been such a blessing and saves so much time. The reporting tool means our partners can run reports to gather information without coming through us which again takes pressure off the team. The support team are excellent and always deliver exceptionally high customer service.

Janette Willetts – ​Placement Manager​
​Department of Human & Health Sciences​ – University of Huddersfield

The old system we used was stand alone and never up to date. We wanted a system that students and administrators could log into and update themselves. PEMS frees up my time and is so much more simple.

Cath Hayes – Placements Manager,
Facility of Health and Human Sciences, University of Huddersfield

Life is so much simpler with PEMS. If anyone ever took it away, we’d resign the next day! Whenever we call, Oxinet staff are very friendly and supportive. The guys on the helpdesk are always so patient too, even when we feel silly for asking simple questions. The training sessions, especially when there is a new release, are really useful and we will definitely use them again.

Natasha Lloyd – Placement Administrator,
School of Health and Social Care, University of Essex

PEMS is an invaluable member of the administration team.

Netta Lloyd-Jones – Head of Practice Education Oxford Brookes University

I have worked with Oxinet since the infancy of PEMS for Practice placements. We developed a system that met our needs to provide practice placement support to both students, staff and placement providers. The Helpdesk support that Oxinet provide is efficient and reactive to our needs.

Jade Shortland – Practice Placements Manager,
Student Development (Industry and Placements) University of Essex

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