History in Placements

Oxinet first began working in the placement education sector with the advent of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme in 2003, when the company built the KTP web application portal for the placement of University graduates – a system, maintained and supported by Oxinet to this day and now used by over 700 HEIs.

PEMS (Placement Education Management System) was built in response to a tender issued by Oxford Brookes University’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences in 2010 and rolled out to customers across the UK from 2012. Oxinet was selected to build this system because of our knowledge and experience of working in the sector. Following the success of PEMS in our HEI customers’ Health, Human Sciences and Social Care faculties, we have supported our Universities in scaling up and extending the use of PEMS in other highly regulated areas such as teacher training, and moreover, now provide enhanced communication capabilities to existing systems which support careers, internships and “apply” placements.

We are very aware that of all sectors which need placement systems, healthcare and education are the most complex. In the last ten years, we have therefore developed our products and grown our expertise working closely with healthcare and education focussed faculties in predominantly UK HEIs. We are also working to expand our customer-base internationally. Oxinet are proud to have a number of international Universities now using PEMS as a white labelled product, and we continue to work with our international partners to specifically adapt the product to meet their territories’ needs.

Our expertise in working collaboratively with HEIs on complex education software implementation projects is unparalleled; each of our customers has selected Oxinet and PEMS for its flexibility and ability to handle placements of acute complexity.

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